About Us

The duo, Amit and Ajay were colleagues working in finance for the same organization. During their time working together, they witnessed several flaws at the work place and the effects of such practices.

It was as a result of these practices that the foundations of Organic Global Solutions were laid, however it would take a decade before coming together to start Organic Global Solutions, with a belief that business could still be done with the working principles, employee friendliness, quality and quantity combined that they have faith in.

Amit and Ajay have always shared a common thought process with regards to principles, ethics, drive and consistency.

Amit comes from a known farming family from South India. He holds a Master’s degree in operations management & customer service management. He has held senior positions in fortune 500 companies, sectors ranging from aviation, finance and outsourcing. Known to be a people’s person, he has extensive experience setting up new businesses and operations. He is also a certified career development facilitator and mid carrier counselor

Ajay comes from a family of Social Workers. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in hotel management as well as a diploma in nursing. He has gone from working as a chef in five star hotels, to managing financial operations in the corporate sector, very well internationally exposed working with various firms in USA, UK and currently Australia. Has established and streamlined various firms in UK…… Has great expertise in international imports/exports.

Organic Global Solutions was borne out of the intention of providing services, not only from a cost effectiveness prospective but also to maintain long term relationships through ethical practices, and sustainability by being honest and transparent to all parties involved. We want to build long term relationships. We at Organic Global Solutions believe that, through ethical and intelligent work practices, we can achieve perfection.