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Agriculture : India which is known as the land of Ayurveda and spices. Farming has always been the main occupation in India for generations however we have seen farmers being disadvantaged due to financial losses, lack of support and direction, technology challenges etc. We work closely with farmers and educate them about alternative crops, use of modern technology and finance management. With access to 2000+ acres of land we cultivate crops per client/market needs (organic and non-organic), this ensures the customers and farmers are both benefited and a long term relation is created.

Our Products


Stevia plant is a small, sweet, leafy herb which is a substitute of sugar and 40 times more sweeter than sugar.

  • Controls Diabetes

  • Weight Loss

  • Regulates Blood Pressure
  • Prevents Cancer
  • Lowers Cholesterol Level


Turmeric is a powerful spice with an impressive list of uses and benefits. It's known for its antioxidant content and ability to work as an anti-inflammatory. Many cuisines around the world prize this common culinary spice, and with good reason. Like many herbs and spices its appeal goes beyond appearance and taste. Many cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies use turmeric in their products due to medical benefits.

Indian Rice

We bring in extremely deliciously range of Indian Rice. Rice being staple food of India is produced at very large quantity all around the country. We choose best quality among them for you. Our aromatic rice is very tasteful and rich in fragrance. Our rice is apt for preparation of myriad of delectable cuisines. And when it comes to most famous wholesale basmati rice suppliers we are far ahead of others dealing in the same business. We are one of the most renowned broken rice exporters from India.

Basmati Rice

We are number one basmati rice suppliers form India. We deal in fine quality Indian basmati rice quite popular in our country as well as foreign countries for its distinct and pleasant aroma. Our long grain basmati rice is also popular among our customers. We are one of the most distinguished exporters of traditional basmati rice

1121 Basmati Rice

We export and supply premium quality 1121 Basmati Rice for our clients in different parts of the world. Superior in quality, this variety of rice is long in length, double polished, aromatic and excellent in cooking. We offer 1121 rice in different packaging options to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Sona Masuri Rice

We are one of the largest exporters of sona mosoori rice. It is most important non basmati rice. It is very popular for preparation of rice porridge in many Indian festivals. Our sona masoori silky rice is light weight aromatic rice. We also deal in fine quantity of sona masoori boiled rice of world class standard

Kolam Rice

Varieties in Indian rice is an exhaustive list. Kolam Rice is preferred in the South India whereas Basmati is the King rice in the North of India. It is another important non basmati rice. It is very popular for preparation of rice porridge in many Indian festivals. Our Kolam Variety is light in weight and easy to digest aromatic rice.

Golden Sella Rice

Parboiling is a process applied to rice to preserve some of the nutrients contained in the outer grain layers, which are normally lost during polishing (the bran and aleurone layers).After a short hot steam treatment part of the nutrients diffuse into the starchy endosperm, thus enhancing the nutritive qualities of the rice. The treatment results in rice that isslightly yellow, hence some parboiled rices carry the name "Golden Rice", which must not be confused with the one produced by genetic modification

Andhra Ponni Rice

This is a variety of Sona Mosoori rice which is taken specially from the fields of Andhra Pradesh. It is a major favorite in India and the world over. It is non-basmati medium-grain rice, and has its own unique fragrance

Food Grains

We offer a healthy and nutritious range of Indian Food Grains, which are highly rich in flavor and taste. Our productive range of food grains are of prime quality and are rich in nutrients. Our products are available in customized packing as per the desired needs of our clients. We assure our customers of the complete satisfaction and easy availability of our food grains. Thus, we are conceived as one of the leading green peas exporters and chick peas suppliers from India.

Sorghum (Jawar)

We offer wholesale grain Sorghum (Jawar) at various profitable deals, which are highly admired by all our honored clients. Our dry sorghum is highly rich in nutrients and is very healthy. Our dry sorghum is easily available in the market and is very much demanded by our customers everywhere. We are also counted amidst the chief white sorghum exporters from India.

Millet (Bajara)

We offer qualitative array of Indian Millet (Bajara), which is highly demanded by agriculturists and various farmers located across the world. Our organic millet is decay free, safe and is also available in air tight packing. We assure our high end users of the prime quality of our products. Thereby, we are called one of the foremost raw millet exporters and suppliers from India.


Our soybean is available in different sizes and is widely used for cooking purposes. Our high protein soybean is very rich in protein and is very healthy for body. It is easily available in the market and is also extensively used for animal feeding. Hence, we are named as one of the prime soya bean exporters and suppliers of India.

Soybean Meal

Our organic soybean meal is meant for animal consumption and feeding. Our high protein soybean meal is rich in protein so as to assure healthy diet. Our wholesale soybean meal is available in packet of different sizes and thus one can buy as per their requirement. Therefore, we are reckoned as one of the famed suppliers of organic soybean meal in India.

Green Beans (Green Moong)

We offer a qualitative range of Green Beans (Green Moong), which is highly nutritious in nature. We also present a superior quality of wholesale green beans, which are available at the most competitive prices. Also, our wholesale green beans are extremely cost-effective and easily available in the market. Hence, we are considered as one of the well-known green moong suppliers of India.

Indian Spices

We bring forth an ample assortment of natural Indian Cooking Spices, which mainly includes asafetida, bishops weed, cinnamon, cassia etc. Within a short span of time, we have carved a niche as one of the superior coriander seeds exporters from India. They are procured from the well reckoned manufacturers, who always produce best quality spices. Our India cooking spices are very fresh and provide a special aroma to your food. They are very spicy and add flair of taste in your delicacies and food. We are engaged in the business of wholesale sesame seeds and provide a prolific deal to our valuable customers.

Cumin Seeds (Jeera)

Our whole cumin Seeds (Jeera) are used as a spice to provide flavor to the food. Cumin seeds are used in varieties of food style like Indian, Cuban, etc. to add a strong yet warm aroma. The aroma in the black cumin seeds is due to the presence of natural oil in the seeds. To get better taste and aroma the cumin seeds are firstly grounded and then added in the food stuff. The best quality cumin seeds are grown in Gujarat city and we are one of the best cumin seeds exporters and suppliers in India.

Black Pepper (Kali Mirch)

Our whole Black Pepper (Kali Mirch) is considered as the king of spices as it is one of the oldest and best known spices. It is used to add flavor to all types of cuisines, sauces, pickles, etc. On the medical grounds it is also very useful as it helps in relieving muscular pains, anemia, poor circulation, stiffness or any type of sports injury. If added with eucalyptus it is also effective in reliving in congestion. We are one of the leading ground black pepper exporters from India. We also provide wholesale black pepper on beneficial deals.

Bay Leaves (Tej Patta)

Dried Bay Leaves (Tej Patta) are useful in beans, split peas, vegetable stews, spaghetti sauce, etc. to enhance the aroma. To add the richness, depth and flavour, the sweet bay leaves are the best option. The bay leaves are very delicate and need extensive care in the handling. We provide wholesale bay leaves to our customers as profitable deals. We are one of the prominent bay leaves exporters from India.

Fenugreek (Methi)

Our Fenugreek (Methi) seeds are full with goodness of all the essential nutrients that are required for controlling the blood pressure and the level of sugar in the blood. The fenugreek seeds are grown in large amount in the areas of India, North and South Africa. We are one of the finest ground fenugreek exporters from India. The dried fenugreek seeds are grounded and used in curries as a spice. The fenugreek seeds are used to add taste to the sea foods. Along with adding taste to food it also helpful in various other uses like increasing breast milk, improving digestive system, etc. Besides, it has multiple uses in the products like soft drinks, ice-creams, chewing gums, etc. From the medical point of view it is also used to prepare tonics, hair conditioners and lip balms.

Tamarind (Imli)

Tamarind (Imli) fruit is used as a spice as it helps in proving tangy taste to the food items. Whole tamarind is used in food as a spice, as a medicine for better digestion, in carpentry use for cleaning of brass objects and many more. We are one of the popular tamarind exporters and suppliers in India.

Garlic (Lehsoon)

Garlic (Lehsoon) bulbs are the spices that belong to the family of onion. It is used for seasoning of food as it has very pungent smell. It is used in kebabs, mezes and other Turkish cuisines. Besides food, it is also useful on medical ground. It helps in lowering the cholesterol level, high blood pressure, etc. It also boosts the immunity system, overcomes fatigue, etc. Garlic when roasted provides more zing to the food. We are one of the prominent white garlic exporters and roasted garlic suppliers from India.


We are quite renowned for the business of Sugar in the country as well as out side it. Our sugar is naturally sweet and is manufactured form best quality sugarcane plantation. Our crystal sugar is rich source of carbohydrate and other useful minerals. We prepare our finished icumsa sugar from organic jaggery. Considering the fact that we distribute highest quality sugar in the market place we are among the most famous white sugar exporter the country. We are also one of the most important sugar suppliers in India.

We supply a wide and exclusive range Sugar to our customers in India and abroad as well. Our range comprises of premium quality Indian sugar, refined sugar, granulated sugar, white sugar etc. we are also one of the well known granulated sugar importers and white sugar exporters in India.

Sugar Categories based on crystal size: small, medium and large. We can supply sugar of following grades : L-31, M-31, S-31, L-30, M-30 and S-30 out of which maximum production is of S-30 bright sugar. Sugar grading is done for colour and grain size. Sugar produced is regularly matched with N.S.I. standards.


We are one of the leading merchant exporters in India, We do export of sugar ICUMSA-45 along with superior quality all over the world our main market for sugar is middle easet, South Africa, West Africa, our sugar ICUMSA-45 is very popular among our oversea`s clients.


We do Exports & supply of permium quality of sugar ICUMSA-150(S-30) for our clients in different part of the world. Quality & Punchuality of supply of our sugar is our lifetime in the oversea`s market. Our standard packing is in new 50kg PP bags but we do packing also as per buyer`s requirement.

ICUMSA-800 TO 1200

We are one of the leading exporter and importer of brown sugar (ICUMSA-800 TO 1200) from India. We do the export of brown sugar all over the world. Our standard packing is in new 50kg PP bags we do packing also as per buyer`s requirement

Indian Pulses

Our variegated range of Indian Pulses includes gram lentil, pigeon peas, red lentil and white lentil. We offer wholesale red lentil at various beneficial deals, which are highly appreciated by our potential buyers all over the world. Our wholesale red lentil is of very superior quality and is highly demanded in the global market. We also provide customized packing to our customers as per their needs and requirements. Our pulses are extensively used in various traditional recipes and are purely natural. Today, we are thought to be among the most celebrated gram lentil suppliers of India.

Gram Lentil (Chana Dal)

Our optimum quality Gram Lentil (Chana Dal) is highly demanded by our clients and is easily available in the market. Our gram lentil is further divided in two sub-categories black gram lentil and red gram lentil which are of prime quality. However, our products are available at the most competitive prices in the market and thus, we are regarded as one of the leading exporters of gram lentil from India.

Split Yellow Pigeon Peas (Tuar Dal)

Yellow Split Peas (Pisum Sativum) are part of the legume family. Split peas are husked and split in half. The Yellow Split Pea is about 1/4 of an inch wide and pale yellow in color. Split Peas have a mild flavor and soft texture. The Split Pea has more of an earthy flavor than the whole dried pea, similar to the lentil in versatility and nourishment. Split Peas have a very ancient history they were domesticated before 6000 B.C. in the ancient near east. From here they spread across Asia, through China and also through the Mediterranean region. Both Greek and Roman civilizations relied on dried peas as an important ingredient in their diets. Peas began to be split during the time of ancient Egypt

Split Green Pigeon Peas (Green Tuar Dal)

Whole Green Peas are part of the legume family. Whole peas are husked and about 1/4 of an inch wide and pale green in color. Split peas have a mild flavor and soft texture. The Split Pea has more of an earthy flavor than the whole dried pea, similar to the lentil in versatility and nourishment. Whole Dried Peas have a history going back some 10,000 years. Originally from the Middle East, peas soon spread through the Mediterranean region and on to India and China. The cultivation of peas in Europe helped to stave off a famine in England in 1555. Peas are most commonly used in their split form. Whole Green Peas are an acceptable substitute for fresh peas.

Red Lentil (Masur Dal)

We offer a nutritious range of Red Lentil (Masur Dal), which is used for thickening purposes. Our organic red lentil is obtained from best farms and is available in packets of various sizes. Our products are highly demanded and appreciated by our esteemed customers across the globe. Last but not the least; we are reckoned as one of the famed split red lentil exporters from India.

Skinned and Split White Lentils (Urad Dal)

Our optimum quality Skinned and Split White Lentils (Urad Dal) is extensively used as a substitute of meat in various mouthwatering recipes. These split white lentil is easily available in the market and that too at the most competitive prices. Also, we are regarded as one of the chief skinned white lentil suppliers of India.

Split Green Beans (Mung Dal)

Our optimum quality Skinned and Split White Lentils (Urad Dal) is extensively used as a substitute of meat in various mouthwatering recipes. These split white lentil is easily available in the market and that too at the most competitive prices. Also, we are regarded as one of the chief skinned white lentil suppliers of India.

Milk Powder

We specialize in dealing high quality dry Milk Powder. Our milk powder is an excellent substitute of natural milk. It is remarkable for its resemblance to the natural milk and is high on calorific value. These milk powders are free from lumps and are easily soluble in worm as well as normal water. They are also available in different flavours. In addition to this we are one of the leading skimmed milk powder exporters in overseas market. And we are also among the top whole milk powder suppliers from India.

Whole Milk Powder

We are pioneer stockiest of whole milk powder. Our instant whole milk powder is white and slightly cream in color. Retaining its nutritious value our dried whole milk powder is extremely popular in the market. These whole milk powders are also free from lumps and extraneous matter making them easy to mix with liquid. We are one of the most prominent whole milk powder suppliers of India.

Skimmed Milk Powder

We present high quality skimmed milk powder in the market in large amount. We offer dry skimmed milk powder free from lumps and scorched particles. Our skim milk powder is extremely healthy and is accessible in different flavours. We are one of the eminent skimmed milk powder exporters in India.

Ethanol Derivatives

We are govt.approved exporter in india for ethanol to all over the world. We do export of extra nutral alcohol 96.4% of purity & it is very suitable for use in foods & bevarage industries also we do export of rectified spirit 95.4% of purity . It is very useful in pharamacutical & perfums industries. As well as we do export of ethanol 99.9% of very useful to blending in petrolium industries & for industriel use. Our strong market of this product is west & south africa, srlanka, dubai,& verious part of the world.

  • Extra Neutral Alcohol

  • Rectified Spirit

  • Ethanol 99%

Cattle Feed

We present a comprehensive range of dairy Cattle Feed, which are completely devoid of contaminants. Our animal cattle feed products undergo strict quality stringent checks so as to ensure the genuineness of our products. Our products are mainly meant for high bearing milk animals as it is highly safe for consumption and further helps in retaining good health of the animals. Due to the superior quality of products, we are considered as one of the advanced cattle feed exporters from India.

Compound Cattle Feed
We are offering compound cattle feed in 8mm pellet form and prepared specially for high yield milking animals (more than 10 liters milk/day) like Cow and buffalo.

Under strict quality control of mixing high portentous Soybean doc, mixture of Cotton seed, & Rapeseeds doc, plus grains, maize & molasses for minerals and vitamins which can achieve following specification.


Grade : Crude Protein: 20 % Min
Season : Fats:2.5 % Min
ICUMSA : Fibers:12 % Max
Polarisation : Total digestive nutrition: 60-65 %
Moisture : Moisture: 11 %

It is observed that if animal is able to produce 40 liters milk than 20 kg of this compound feed is enough and only 1.5 kg would be required another feed as body maintainer.
As per the fact that Compound Cattle Feed is far better compare to any DOC not only for milk production but it also ensure good health of the animal.
In any DOC except Soybean DOC protein and fiber percentages are very low and fat is very high which is not desirable.

Poultry Feed

Our company deals in fine quality Poultry Feed wide acceptance in both national as well as overseas market place. The organic poultry feed supplied by us are processed in absolutely hygienic condition. These poultry feeds are rich source of high protein and other nutrients. They are available in different varieties like corn gluten meals, soya meal and cotton seed meal and so on. We also offer good quality poultry chicken feed which is very high on demand in the market. We are among the ace poultry feed exporters from India.

We are one of the leading suppliers of high quality animal corn gluten meals from India. We source all these high protein (protein = 60%) corn glutens from some of the reputed corn wet milling industries. We supply these corn glutens properly packed in waterproof bags in bulk quantities.

Apart from these animal feed we also supply soya meal, rape meal, groundnut meal, cotton seed meal, de-oiled rice bran meal, sunflower meal, guar meal, corn germ cake, copra cake and wheat bran in bulk quantities as per our customers requirements in a short time frame.